Amazon Smile Setup Guide

We are happy to announce that the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame now has an Amazon Smile account!


Every time you purchase something on Amazon WHILE on with our organization selected, a portion of the proceeds gets donated to our organization.

It's easy to set up:


Select our organization on the Amazon Smile platform:

amazon smile 1


BOOKMARK on your browser so that every time you shop on Amazon, you do it through this link. If you don't shop on the Smile tab, the Hall of Fame doesn't get your proceeds!



Enable Amazon Smile on your smartphone in the Amazon app. Search "Amazon Smile Sign In" in the app and click on the Amazon Smile box at the top of the search results:

Amazon Smile Sign in-1


TURN ON Amazon Smile in the app by enabling notifications and Voila! Every purchase you make now donates the Hall of Fame, without any payment on your end! After it is enabled and you've made purchases, you can also visit this page to see your impact and how much your purchases have helped to donate.



SMILE, you just made donating to the Hall of Fame as easy as clicking 'confirm purchase'!


We are so grateful to you for taking this quick and easy steps to support the Hall of Fame and supporting our mission. Feel free to email [email protected] (our Director of Communications) if you have any questions or troubles!