Hall of Fame Nominees

Each year, the Hall of Fame manages a revolving list of nominations and works through the selection process to elect the next class of honored members. The process involves over 400 industry advocates and takes place in July and August with its new class being voted on in August and announced mid to late September.

The National Voting Panel is comprised of the board members from:

-US Ski and Snowboard
-Cross Country Ski Areas Association (CSSAA)
-The US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame
-United States Olympics (USOC)
-Sports Specialists Ltd. (SSL)
-Regional Museum and Ski Area Associations
-The International Skiing History Association (ISHA)
-The National Ski Patrol (NSP)
-Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA-AASI)
-Snowsport Industries America (SIA)
-Living Honored Members of the Hall of Fame
-National Ski Area Association (NSAA)
-North American Snowsports Journalists Assoc.
-National Brotherhood of Skiers (NBS)
-Members of US Ski and Snowboard Awards committee
-Snowsports Merchandising Associations (SMC)
-Other appointed industry individuals appointed by the USSSHoF Board Chairman

To apply for a position on the NVP please email [email protected] with your name, industry connections and resume along with one paragraph on why you feel you are qualified to vote. You can also fill out our contact form online.

Below are the candidates on this year's ballot to be voted on by the NVP:

Athlete Category
Up to, but no more than 4 of these nominees will be inducted this coming ceremony:
Anderson, Ross
Bahrke, Shannon
Brushie, Jeff
Demong, Billy
Howard, Bob
Sanders, Damian
Builder Category
Up to, but no more than 3 of these nominees will be inducted this coming ceremony:

Davis, Raelene
Hanson, Denny & Chris
Moe, Jake & Dave
Otten, Les
Porter, Mike

Heritage Category
Up to, but no more than 1 (one) of these candidates will be inducted this coming ceremony:

Harley, Hugh
Kashiwa, Hank
Wilson, Joe Pete

If you have any questions or comments on the active nominations, please feel free to contact our office.