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Friday, March 24th Induction Stream

Friday, March 24th Induction Stream

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Inductee Assets (Acceptance Speech Quotes & Photos)

"He was often quoted saying, 'There are two people in life you don't want to mess with: One is Mother Nature, and the other is Father Time.' Mother Nature was his partner in the snowmaking industry, and Father Time took him from us. We miss him and remember him as doing what he loved to do, making snow for the world to enjoy!" - Sis Dupre

"Willy [Bogner] and I kept filming Fire and Ice over the next few years and then of course came the next Bond film in 1984 called A View to Kill. We needed something different, so enter Tom Sims and Steve link, the snowboarders. I did the most dangerous stunt on skis I ever did in that film but you only got to see the last half of it. I had to jump down a crevasse to escape the Russians who were firing at me from every angle."

"One of my most enjoyable times working on Fire and Ice was Powder Skiing at the Bobby Burns Lodge with Katie Morning and Judy Nagel and Bob Salerno. I actually thought I went to heaven skiing with these angels."

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"To all the people like me who grew up in small mountain towns with a passion, dare to dream that you can be and do whatever you desire... even end up in this Hall of Fame."

"I loved the sport as you all do, and when once told by an Emmy award winning producer that I needed to be tougher and more critical in regards to American skiers, I simply replied… then maybe I’m not your guy."

"I feel rather old, it has gone so quickly, but I will say this right up front, I wouldn't change a single day of it."

"There's no reason why people with disabilities - who have worked SO hard to succeed - and they may not have gone to the top, but that's okay. They have gone down a ski hill and they have succeeded and they are happy. And I'm so happy for them."

"My FIRST snowboard had metal fins like a surf board, no metal edges, I wore moon boots that I bought at the 711 and the bindings had seat belt type straps. I wore my peg legged corduroy pants sprayed with water proofing and a wool sweater from the thrift store. WE WERE ONLY allowed at a few resorts in the Tahoe area. Thank you Norm from Donner Ski Ranch for accepting us like family. It was the beginning of a great crew of snowboarders and friendships that I still cherish.
THIS WAS A TIME when there was no women's equipment, no high school snowboarding teams, no coaches, no uniforms, no XGAMES, no olympics, it was raw… and I was hooked.
I HAD FOUND MY PASSION and it was the beginning of an adventure far beyond what I could have ever imagine."
"I feel so lucky to have been surrounded by so many amazing women in my career. Not to many sports have all the girls hugging at the top of the start gate. So many high fives, smiles, cheers and support for each other."

"Don’t get me wrong—the Olympic Games were amazing experiences, but winning a medal was never the pinnacle of my career. My entire career was driven for the love of snowboarding. I simply wanted to share the stoke and encourage other girls to try this sideways sport because I knew if they did, they’d love it too."

"If I wanted to continue being a pro snowboarder then I better figure the mental thing out. I spent time visualizing my runs successfully, working through all the self doubt. The next two years I won virtually every contest I entered. I didn’t compete to win against others, I really wanted to challenge myself and be the first girl to land new tricks at contests to be the best I could."

"My path to the Hall of Fame was not destined nor was it even likely. I am a journeyman of this sport which was out of my reach in the  beginning. I do not come from a skiing family nor a ski town. I grew up living upstairs in the family carpet store, playing traditional sports, and working for my parents. My first pair of skis I cut down to the proper length and took my skiing and ski racing as far as hand me
down and secondhand equipment would take me.

However, I fell in love with the sport and would not let it go. Having to start working well before I was a
teenager taught me a tenacious work ethic and that I had to labour for what I wanted."

"I also want to thank my children for putting up with and loving me through all the sacrifices the sport demanded. And my wife Sarah Jane for putting me back together when I lost myself in the pursuit of the profession I love so very much."

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