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Warren Chivers

Hall of Fame Class of 1971

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The eldest member of the famous Chivers family, Warren was an accomplished skier giving grand performances in ski jumping, cross-country, downhill and slalom.

Warren Chivers was born on December 12, 1914 in Hanover, New Hampshire. He proved to be a natural athlete on skis at an early age, finally realizing his full potential during his high school days at Hanover High School.

It is a known that the all-around performances of Warren Chivers, while a student at Dartmouth and captain of the Dartmouth Ski Team have never been equaled in college circles. He was the captain of the Dartmouth Ski Team in the days when the “Big Green” of Dartmouth was a skiing powerhouse.

Chivers was a member of the 1936 Olympic Team at Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. Warren won the national combined and cross-country titles in 1937 and was the first to bring an end to Scandinavian supremacy in this nordic classic held at Bush Lake, Minnesota. He captured the Eastern Combined as well as the intercollegiate titles in the same year. Chivers was selected to the United States F.I.S. Team in 1937 and was a member of the United States Olympic Team in 1940, although his team did not compete because of the outbreak of World War II in Europe.

These are only a few of Warren’s nordic accomplishments early in his career. Nicknamed “Winger”, Chivers was the first American born-and-bred to challenge the hitherto domination of the Scandinavians in the classic nordic contests. Add to this his alpine triumphs and you have a great competitor, fierce in determination, notwithstanding his reserved character. He was a member of the United States Alpine team that competed in Chile for the Pan American title meet in 1937.

As outstanding as his competitive career was, Warren, in his own way, was known to thousands of youngsters who have learned to ski under him while director of skiing at Vermont academy and have gone on to be college champions as well. Warren served as the director from 1940 through 1970, coaching the team to leadership in prep-school circles. He was an important part of organized skiing as an official in both the United States Eastern Amateur Ski Association and the National Ski Association.

“Winger” served on the Eastern cross-country Committee, Eastern Jumping Committee, Eastern Junior Committee, Chairman of the Selection Committee for the 1950 F.I.S. Team, Chief of Interval Timing at the Squaw Valley Olympics in 1960 and Jumping Coach for the Eastern Team in the Junior Nationals at Winter Park, Colorado in 1966.

Win or lose, Warren was a fierce competitor but always a gentleman and a good sportsman, characteristics he has transmitted to thousands of “kids” since his record-breaking college and amateur competitive days. A real skier’s skier, Warren “Winger” Chivers was elected to the U.S. National Ski Hall of Fame in 1971.

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