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Ralph Miller

Hall of Fame Class of 2014

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Ralph Miller had to be regarded as one of America’s best competitive skiers during the 1950’s. He excelled in all aspects of the sport and was competitive in just about every event that he entered.

Born and raised in New Hampshire, Ralph would compete and win in the four event competitions that were part of skiing at that time while in high school and college. The downhill, slalom, ski jumping, and cross-country were the events the students were expected to enter. As Otto Schniebs said, “If you must specialize, specialize in all four events.”

While attending Dartmouth College, he won the NCAA overall championship in 1951 and in 1957 earning the title of “Skimeister”.

At the same time, he claimed four North American titles and four U.S. National titles. He also participated in the World Championships in 1954 and the Olympics in 1956, before the U.S. Ski Team had a full time coach to help its skier excel. Sports Illustrated acknowledged his leading position by featuring him on the magazine cover on February 6th, 1956, prior to the Cortina Winter Olympics.

He was competitive in any major ski races and often would beat the top international skiers who raced in them. He won or reached the podium in the Roch Cup, the Harriman Cup, The Silver Belt Trophy, the classic Inferno race, and the American-International Championships.

Starting in 1951, he would go to Chile during the Northern summer period to train and race at Portillo. There is where he would win two Chilean National championship events. In 1955, he set a world speed record on his Northland skis of 109 miles per hour. It was a record that would stand for 15 years.

Career Highlights:

1951: Eastern Interscholastic Champion, 1st in the Chilean Nationals
1952: Winner of the USEASA Webber Challenge Cup, Sandler Trophy, Sherburne Trophy, 1st in the Chilean National slalom, 3rd in the Inferno Race
1953: North American Downhill title, Roch Cup and U.S. National downhill and combined titles
1954: 2nd place finishes in three international events in Europe
1955: Sets world speed record for skiing that would stand for 15 year, top American at the American-International downhill and slalom championships

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