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Nick Badami

Hall of Fame Class of 2011

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Long considered one of skiing’s most influential figures, Nick Badami brought a vision that touched not only his resorts but left an indelible mark on the sport. In a career spanning four decades, Badami’s business acumen and leadership skills were a constant influence on winter sports.

Though he was an active ski area owner, Badami’s hallmark was his engagement on behalf of the sport, dedicating time and energy to causes that had impact far beyond his own resorts. As NSAA chairman, he provided leadership to guide the industry through a pivotal period of growth. At his Park City Ski Area, he used innovative event marketing to create a festival around America’s Opening, pioneering an entertainment platform around ski racing that helped modernize the World Cup.

In the 1980s and ‘90s, his vision was paramount in launching a successful bid to bring the 2002 Olympics to Salt Lake City. As chairman of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association in the 90s, he brought a business structure and stability to the organization setting the stage for it to become the best in the world a decade later.

Badami made his mark in the business world when he took over a nearly bankrupt B.V.D. in the 1940s and transformed it into a brand leader. He retired at 49, seeking new adventures. He found them chasing his son Craig’s passion for skiing. Badami saw skiing as an industry that could benefit from his business experience.

He began his new direction with the 1970 purchase of Alpine Meadows. A few years later, he acquired Park City Ski Area from developer Edgar Stern. Together, Badami’s Park City Ski Area and Stern’s soon-to-be-developed Deer Valley would carve the future of the mountain resort community.

As a business owner, Badami followed a philosophy that focused on core resort business. He shed ancillary operations, allowing the community itself to prosper. Skiing benefited immensely from his passion.

Today, the industry is more refined, providing amazing recreational opportunities. The roots of that evolution can be traced directly back to the leadership of Nick Badami.

Career Highlights:

1940s: Build B.V.D. into a brand leader
1970: Purchased Alpine Meadows Ski Resort
1970s: Acquired Park City Ski Area, helping to transform the region
1990s: Chairman of the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association

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