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Muffy Davis

Hall of Fame Class of 2010

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Muffy Davis was a promising young ski racer who, despite suffering a devastating and career changing injury at the age of 16, went on to become one of American’s leading international adaptive skiers in the World Cup, World Championship and Paralympic competition.

As a child, she trained with and raced against Picabo Street while growing up in Sun Valley, Idaho. In February 1989, she skied off course during a downhill training run at her home ski area, crashing into trees and suffering extreme spinal damage. The seriousness of her injuries was daunting and she made the decision to step away from skiing to focus on her education. Muffy went on to become her high school’s valedictorian and then to graduate in pre-medicine from Stanford University.

Despite experiencing significant paralysis, which made it take longer for her to acquire the proper skiing skills, Muffy qualified to compete at the 1998 Paralympics and won a bronze medal. Two years later, she won a World Championship gold medal.

In 2002, at Salt Lake City, she won three Paralympic silver medals. Over the course of her career, Muffy wound up laying claim to seven World Cup title, including back-to-back overall titles in 2001 and 2002.

Like Hall of Famers, Jack Benedick, Diana Golden, Chris Waddell and Sarah Will, Muffy Davis is an outstanding example on how to turn a setback and serious challenge into an opportunity. She has become an extremely popular motivational speaker, working for international organizations like Coca Cola, Hewlett Packard and the World Health Organization to name a few.

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