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Graham Anderson

Hall of Fame Class of 1984

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Information submitted in a nomination letter to the U.S. National Ski Hall of Fame by Gustav Raaum.

Graham Anderson’s volunteer contributions to the skisport and his most active participation mark him among the top sport builders in North America.

Graham Anderson’s interest started as a junior competitor in PNSA, then through high school, winning “All City” and “All State” honors which even included four-way, then considered a ski-meter achievement and finally ending up a Class “A” competitor and a member on the University of Washington Ski Team, winning Northern Division Championships and NCAA honors.

Graham continued his interest as a coach of high school, PNSA, Washington State teams and was a leader in organizing high school four-way events, serving on divisional and national school skiing committees.

This activity led Anderson into the administration of the PNSA where he served in numerous capacities including “Director of Competition” and finally as president of PNSA. This led to election on many committees of the USSA, including chairman of the Alpine Committee as well as I.C.C. (International Competition Committee) and Alpine Steering Committee. While doing all this, Graham still found time to offer his coaching services to Seattle juniors and the Washington Ski Club. He was elected to the board of USSA Coaches Association, the USSEF and the U.S. Olympic Ski Games Committee. Anderson found time to be chairman of the U.S. National Alpine Championships as well and took time to qualify as an alpine official. He served as technical delegate, referee, course setter and official in world class skiing starting in 1966.

Graham’s energy and technical knowledge have also been heavily used by the F.I.S. where he was considered one of the world’s top authorities on alpine skiing. He has served the F.I.S. as Secretary General of the World Cup Committee, member of Alpine Committee, Rules Committee, Equipment Committee and vice-president of the Executive Committee of the Alpine Committee.

The USSA selected Graham to represent this country as one of three delegates to the F.I.S. Congress for many years and he served as USSA’s F.I.S. liaison.

Graham has been recognized for his outstanding, long and unselfish service to the skisport including USSA’s Blegen Award and PNSA’s Ken Comfort Award.

Graham Anderson has been actively involved with the U.S. Ski Team fundraising and has traveled far and often to help.

Now retired and living in Sun Valley, Idaho, Graham led a successful insurance brokerage business in Seattle which has been a major force in ski resort insurance in the United States for many years. He and his company have been instrumental in improving the safety of skiers through suggested procedures: from lift equipment, grooming equipment, slope grooming to ski equipment. Graham now serves on several corporate boards and is the managing partner of Eldora Mountain Resort in Colorado.

Graham Anderson was elected to the U.S. National Ski Hall of Fame in 1984.

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