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Frederick W. Mittelstadt

Hall of Fame Class of 1999

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Information submitted in a nomination letter to the U.S. National Ski Hall of Fame by William Erickson, president of the USSA Officials Committee and USSA representative of the F.I.S.

Frederick “Fritz” Mittelstadt was a major factor in the selection and training of ski officials. Our officials were accepted as jumping judges and technical delegates all over the world and noted for their fairness, judgement, knowledge and impartiality in their duties.

Fritz Mittelstadt, born and raised on a farm near Eau Claire, Wisconsin, started ski jumping at a very young age on snow bumps, small hills near his home and later on the large hill in Eau Claire.

In his nomination letter, William Erickson wrote the following:

“Fritz had a long and varied career serving the United States Ski Association (USSA). He was certified by USSA as an alpine cross-country and ski jumping judge and technical delegate. He served as alpine race referee, cross-country starter/timer and Chief of Competition.”

At the NCAA Winter Sport Championship, Fritz was nominated by Willy Schaeffler and confirmed by the governor of Nevada to be Tournament Director. He was Chief of Competition for two sky flying events at Ironwood, Michigan; jumping judge for five Olympic try-outs (1972 to 1976); Technical Delegate for National Championships, Lake Placid, New York, Brattleboro, Vermont and Eau Claire, Wisconsin; was appointed Chief of Jumping Officials, Lake Placid Olympics in 1980 plus served on the Competition Committee and judged at 90 and 120 meter competitions in the U.S. and Canada. Fritz was the first American to judge the 90 meter competition in Japan.

Fitz was vice-president for two years and president for two years of the Central Division and served on the board of directors for ten years. He was chairman of the Junior Nordic Committee, manager of the Division’s Junior Olympics team, president of the Nordic Jumping Officials Committee for two years, chairman of the Jumping Competition Committee, Jumping Commissioner for the Badger State Winter Games and on the governing board for the games in Wausau, Wisconsin. This event hosted between 2500 and 4500 competitors each year in multiple disciplines in winter sports.

Fritz was a member of the nordic competition committee for twenty years and chairman and vice-president for nordic officials for fourteen years. He assigned all judges and technical delegates to their competitions, wrote directions for use by officials and held many clinics to keep them current in their duties. He got a USOC grant and had Putzi Pepeunig, head of F.I.S. officials; present the first F.I.S. clinic for jumping officials in the United States.

At the Ironwood Ski Flying event, Fritz was appointed by USSA to the Ski Hall of Fame Directors and served as 2nd vice-president of the board for many years. He wrote many official manuals, including the manual for the duties and responsibilities for the officials of the 1980 Olympics.

In 1962, Fritz received the Award of Merit for his contribution to skiing in the Far West by the California and Nevada Sports Writers Association. He was also awarded the Mittelstadt Trophy. Fritz received many certificates of appreciation from USSA and several plaques from the Chamber of Commerce, Wausau, Wisconsin for his work in promoting the Badger State Games. In 1989, Fritz was inducted into the Eau Claire, Wisconsin Ski Hall of Fame. A quote by Allan Johnson sums up Fritz’s years as Chairman of Jumping Officials: “The United States Jumping Officials are the best trained in the world.” Governor Thompson of Wisconsin said, “I’m pleased to salute Fritz. He can take great pride in his accomplishments. He exhibited the very best of the spirit of athletic competition.” Fritz was nominated twice for the Blegen Award – USSA’s highest honor by Burt Boyum of Ishpeming, Michigan.

Frederick W. “Fritz” Mittelstadt was elected to the U.S. National Ski Hall of Fame in 1999.

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