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Fred Bellmar

Hall of Fame Class of 1988

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Fred C. Bellmar had a varied and busy career in which he covered many facets of skisport.

Fred Bellmar was a pioneer skisport builder from the state of Colorado. He was born in Denver in 1903 and began to ski while he was in high school.

After he graduated from Denver University, Bellmar became interested in the “politics” of the Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Association. He held several positions in the S.R.M.S.A., serving as its president from 1941 through the war years.

Bellmar was elected president of the National Ski Association in 1950 and served two terms – until 1952. Bellmar was considered one of the better N.S.A. presidents and several important pieces of legislation were passed during his tenure, not the least was the authorization of the National Ski Hall of Fame.

Bellmar was always interested in the safety aspects of skiing and was one of the founders of the National Ski Patrol System. He was on the original advisory committee after the incorporation of the N.S.P.S. which was patterned in part after the Colorado Ski Patrol. He held Badge #105 in the National Ski Patrol System.

A summary of Fred Bellmar’s record as a skisport builder follows:

• 1941 Advisory Board Denver Convention and Visitors Bureau
• 1941-48 President Southern Rocky Mountain Ski Association
• 1941-45 Division Chairman National Ski Patrol
• 1944 Halstead Award (outstanding service) – highest award of RMD
• 1948 Chairman, Sports Committee of A.A.U.
• 1948-52-54 Member of Olympic Committee
• 1950 Blegen Award U.S.S.A.’s highest award – (outstanding service)
• 1951 Chairman Winter Sports Committee Chamber of Commerce
• 1950-52 President of National Ski Association
• 1950 Appointed to Board of Trustees as vice-chairman of Winter Park Recreation Association by Mayor Quig Newton
• 1975 Made Honorary Trustee for Life of Winter Park Recreation Association

Fred C. Bellmar was elected to the U.S. National Ski Hall of Fame in 1988.

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