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Coy Hill

Hall of Fame Class of 1974

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Information submitted in a nomination letter to the U.S. Ski Hall of Fame by Don Hurst.

Clarence “Coy” Hill has a long and distinguished record of outstanding ski jumping accomplishments on the national and international ski scene. He began jumping at the age of 4 and continued to the age of 46.

Coy began his competitive career at the age of ten at local hills in Ishpeming, Michigan. As the years progressed, Coy worked his way up through the junior ranks to become a member of the senior club at Ishpeming, developing into one of this country’s outstanding ski jumpers. He competed in many tournaments throughout the Central Division and other areas in the U.S., East and West. During the 1950s he was consistently the long jumper in most tournaments as well as an outstanding stylist.

Some of is most notable victories and accomplishments follow:

• U.S. National Class “A” Champion (1952), Salisbury, Connecticut – new hill record (203 feet)
• 2nd and 3rd in Class “A” National Championships several times
• Central U.S. Ski Association Champion (1953), Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
• South Rocky Mountain Ski Association Champion (1956), Steamboat Springs, Colorado
• Overall champion of 2-week competition at Los Angeles County Fair (Sept, 1952), Pomona, California; winner of champion’s trophy each week and longest jump of competition including two exhibition jumps against seven U.S. Olympic jumpers and Olympic alternates
• Wisconsin Open Champion (1955), Westby, Wisconsin
• Michigan Open Champion (1956), Ishpeming, Michigan
• Alternate on 1956 Olympic Jumping Team
• National Veterans’ Champion (1964), Ishpeming, Michigan
• Co-National Veterans’ Champion (1970), Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Coy also competed successfully internationally. His outstanding performances in Europe include:

• A member of a 3-man team to Austria (1953) as a guest of the Austrian Ski Association
• Placed 13th (9th and 16th) in a 2-day meet at Kulm’s Ski Flying Hill (jumped 325 feet)
• Placed 8th at Seefeld, Austria with the two longest jumps
• Placed 5th at Obersdorf, Germany with the second longest jump

As a ski athlete Coy Hill is an excellent example of what the ski jumping sport is all about. He had lifetime memberships in the Central Coaches Association, the United States Ski Association and the Ishpeming Ski Club.

As a ski builder, Coy gave unswerving dedication and devotion. His tireless physical efforts, year after year, on his own “Suicide Hill” as well as his willingness to lend his physical talents and his ski jumping and ski-hill-building expertise were a source of motivation and inspiration to all members of the ski-jumping world who had the privilege of knowing and working with Coy. His vast knowledge of the jumping sport earned him great respect.

His intense interest in the progress and development of young jumpers was probably one of the greatest satisfactions in his everyday life.

Clarence “Coy” Hill was elected to the U.S. National Ski Hall of Fame in 1974.

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