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  • John Eaves

  • Born: April 8, 1953

  • Hometown: Montreal, Quebec

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Eaves, John

Hall of Fame Nominee

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John Eaves is one of the most iconic competitors and ski film stars in history. He stunt doubled for James Bond in A View To A Kill and starred in the Bogner film Fire and Ice that helped bring the glitz and glam to skiing and attract thousands to our sports in America. John is a gentleman, a filmmaker, a musician, a model and most of all a winning ski competitor. He had 42 World Cup Podiums and was the three-time Aerial and overall World Freestyle Champion.

John competed in the “Free-dogger” era and encouraged the entire field to work together as a group of competitors in an effort to move the sport of skiing forward for all. Freestyle was born and raised as an American sport and John dominated the tour. He was an early pioneer and innovator of Freestyle Skiing and brought a strength and consistency that allowed him to win often. He is a very humble yet giving man and spent a lot of time as a coach, mentoring many up and coming Freestyle Skiers.

John was always on the hill early to train, build jumps, prepare the bump runs and ballet slopes and set the stage for each competition. His strength in aerials set a new bar and created the excitement the sport needed. John is truly deserving of induction into the US Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame as a fixture in the American sport of Freestyle Skiing.

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