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  • Chuck & Jann Perkins

  • Born: 5-4-32 / 7-23-37

  • Hometown: Burlington, VT / Springfield, MA

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Perkins, Chuck & Jann

Hall of Fame Nominee

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Chuck and Jann Perkins have made a lasting impact on the US ski history landscape. They are known as two of the most devoted ski historians in the US. Their lifetime commitment to preserving our sports history and heritage has spanned 6 decades. They own the oldest ski shop in the country still in its original location, the Alpine Shop, opened in 1963.
Chuck and Jann are both founding Vermont Ski Museum board directors. They helped bring the museum to Stowe and funded a large portion of renovations and set-up the museum’s retail shop. They are honorary 10th Mountain Division members and have developed 10th Mountain exhibits and displays throughout the country. The devout couple also hosts an annual veterans memorial service for fallen 10th mountain vets at a statue in Stowe, VT that they had erected in honor of the war heroes.

Through serving on other boards like ISHA and contributing both financially and with exhibit help to the Hall of Fame and numerous other regional history-focused organizations, Chuck and Jann have devoted themselves to preserving our sports heritage. They have been inducted into the New England Ski Representative and Vermont Ski and Snowboard Hall’s of Fame.

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