U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall Of Fame and Museum

The U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame and Museum is the only national hall of fame dedicated exclusively to skiing and snowboarding in America. It provides the ultimate and lasting recognition for those American skiers who excelled nationally and internationally as competitors or contributors to the advancement of skiing in all of its forms. Its Honor Roll of over 400 honored members reflects the richness and diversity of American skiing from the early pioneer ski jumpers to today's stars like Glen Plake, Tommy Moe, Picabo Street, and Jonny Moseley.

The Birthplace of Organized Skiing

The U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame and Museum is located in Ishpeming, Michigan near the shores of Lake Superior. Over a century ago a group of local businessmen and skiing enthusiasts took the first steps to organize the National Skiing Association thus earning for Ishpeming the distinction of being the birthplace of organized skiing in the United States. It is appropriate that the Hall of Fame should be located in Ishpeming.

Over 60 Years of Service to Skiing

The U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame and Museum was established in Ishpeming in 1954. Besides recognizing America's skiing greats, it has accumulated an outstanding collection of skiing material, both artifacts and archives, which preserves and reflects the great skiing tradition and heritage of skiing in the United States. The building's architecture, represents both the Nordic and alpine traditions of ski sport and contains over 15,000 square feet of exhibits. Within its walls discover the story of the ancient Birkebeiners, see Sun Valley's first snow groomer and learn about the historic 10th Mountain Division and its contribution both in wartime and peacetime to the development of skiing. Admission is free of charge. Donations are encouraged.

Be Part of America's Ski Heritage

The U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame and Museum relies on member donations to support its work. Be part of the effort to preserve and promote America's great ski heritage. Join with us in the recognition of excellence in ski sport. Enjoy member benefits and be part of our special events.

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The Roland Palmedo Ski Library

The Roland Palmedo Ski Library is one of the finest ski libraries in the country. The collection contains over 1,300 books, magazines, videos and films on the sport of skiing and snowboarding. The collection was assembled by Roland Palmedo, a founder of the New York Ski Club, outdoorsman and adventurer who is an Honored Member of the Hall of Fame.

While the library is open during public hours serious researchers are advised to call ahead to book an appointment.


Ski & Snowboard Film Institute Snow 100

The Ski and Snowboard Film Institute is an organization, under the umbrella of the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Hall of Fame and the International Ski History Association, dedicated to preserving and presenting the best ski & snowboard films ever made. In order to reflect the artistry of the films and values of the sport, the Institute will identify the best 100 films ever made, the Snow 100. Films will be inducted annually and presented as part of the Ishpeming International Ski Film Festival.


Snow 100 Films, 2016

"Aspen Album" - Dick Durrance, 1966

"Downhill Racer" - written by James Salter, directed by Michael Richie, 1969

"Great Ski Chase" - Roger Brown & Fred Iselin, 1969

"Many Moods of Skiing" - Warren Miller, 1961

"Ski to the Max" - Willie Bogner, 2004


Snow 100 Films, 2015

"The Incredible Skis" - Roger C. Brown & Barry Corbet, 1968

"Ski Fascination" (Skifaszination) - Willy Bogner, 1966

"Shishapangma: A Celebration of Life" - Michael Brown, 1998

"In Search of Speed" - Joe Jay Jalbert, 2004

"Ski Movie"- MSP, Steve Winter, 2000

"Fire and Ice" (Feuer und Eis)- Willy Bogner, 1986


Snow 100 Films, 2014

"Ski Gulls," Otto Lang, 1940

"Margie of the Wasatch," Utah Ski Tourism Promo, 1946

"Hot Dog, The Movie," Mike Marvin, 1983

"Rivals: Anatomy of a Downhill," Joe Jay Jalbert, 1983

"Continuum," Teton Gravity Research, 1996


Snow 100 Films, 2013

"Ski Champs: the Aspen 1950 FIS," Dick Durrance

"The Mobius Flip," 1969, Roger Brown & Barry Corbet

"Fire on the Mountain," 1995, Beth & George Gage

"The Secret Race," 1974, Dick Barrymore

"The Times of Our Lives: 1989 World Alpine Ski Championships," Joe Jay Jalbert


Snow 100 Films, 2012

"Ski Flight," 1937, Jerome Hill & Otto Lang

"One for the Money: The Pros," 1972, Fat City

"The Spider and the Frenchman," 1974, Dick Barrymore

"Assignment K2," 1975, Dick Barrymore

"Mark of Champions," 1982, Joe Jay Jalbert


Snow 100 Films, 2011

"Der Weisse Rausch" (White Ecstasy), 1931, Dr. Arnold Fanck

"The Best of John Jay," 1938-'76, John Jay

"Sun Valley Serenade," 1941, H. Bruce Humberstone

"Ski Time," 1983, Warren Miller

"Ski the Outer Limits;" 1967, Roger Brown  Barry Corbert's Summit Films

"The Last of the Ski Bums!" 1969, Dick Barrymore

"Ski Racer," 1969, Paul Ryan

"The Performers," 1971, Dick Barrymore

"Legends of American Skiing," 1983, Rick Moulton

"Blizzard  Aahhh's," 1988, Greg Stump

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