Strand Mikkelsen  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1974

Born:  Novemnber 3, 1904     Kongsberg, NOR

Died:  February 6, 1964          Worcester, Massachussets

Strand Mikkelsen was born into a family of famous ski jumpers in the town of Kongsberg, Norway.  During his youth he was a top junior ski jumper in his homeland.  His brother Roy is also an Honored Member of the Hall of Fame.

After immigrating to Canada in 1924 he won the western Canadian ski jumping titles in 1926 and 1927.  He moved to Greenfield,       Massachussetts in 1929 to run a ski shop and to be a ski instructor.  He claimed the U.S. national tile that year as well.

He was a founder of the Eastern Professional Ski Association and in 1934 set a hill record of 257 feet at the famous Ecker Hill outside of Salt Lake City.



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