Hjalmar Hvam  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1967

Born: November 16, 1902,   Kongsberg, NOR

Died: March 30, 1996,   Beaverton, OR

Hjalmar Hvam was an outstanding four event skier who was the outstanding skier during the 1930's.  In 1932 he captured three national titles winning the cross country, special jumping and nordic combined at Lake Tahoe.  During the 1936-37 season he won twelve consecutive downhill races including the "Silver Skiis".   At an international meet in 1937 he won all four events. During his career he won over 150 trophies.

Hvam is perhaps best remembered for being the inventor and manufacturer of the world's first release toe iron in 1939.  This came after an accident which fractured his leg and led him to work on a true safety binding for skiers.  He continued to sell his Saf-ski binding up until 1970 when the cost of the insurance premiums forced him to close his business. 

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