Michael Gallagher  (deceased)

Year Inducted: 1988

Born: October 3, 1941 Yonkers, NY

Died: October 3, 2013 Pittsville, VT

An outstanding skier, Gallagher earned the Junior National Cross-Country Ski Championship and the Relay Gold Medal in 1959. Nine Senior National Championships and seven Relay Gold Medals were among his accomplishments. He was a member of the U.S. National Cross-Country Ski Team from 1961 through 1974. He was on the U.S. Olympic Ski Teams in 1964, ’68 and ’72, and the World Championship Ski Teams in 1966, ’70 and ’74. He was also a member of the 1978 and ’79 U.S. biathlon teams.

His coaching experience included head cross-country coach of the U.S. Ski Team from 1980 to ’86, the U.S. Olympic cross-country ski coach in 1984, and the U.S. World Championship coach in 1985.

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